A Nordic door-opener

Main prize winner of the Nordic Independent Living Challenge, AbleOn Medical, hire former Nordic competitor, while semi-finalist MotiView have introduced their solution in all five Nordic countries.

Parter and market access

The solution

The eldercare sector is both politically and economically of very high importance in all of the Nordic countries. The subject of eldercare has always been and still is a very sensitive subject, which is ever present on the public agenda. The issue of eldercare attracts a lot of attention due to the fact that it involves every citizen either at present or in the future.

The Independent Living Finalists

We attended to the final awards ceremony for the Nordic Independent Living Challenge on the 9 June where his Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon awarded the three prizes: • Main prize of NOK 1 000 000 • Cross-Nordic collaboration prize of NOK 200 000 • Student prize of NOK 100 000. Our project with Falck A/S and Philips was one of 3 candidates for the second price of Cross-Nordic collaboration.