A Nordic door-opener

Main prize winner of the Nordic Independent Living Challenge, AbleOn Medical, hire former Nordic competitor, while semi-finalist MotiView have introduced their solution in all five Nordic countries.

Parter and market access

AbleOn Medical is not the only Nordic team to arise through the Nordic Independent Living Challenge. Behind semi-finalist project Safe and Independent Living we find Danish Falck and Icelandic E21, who met through the competition and are now continuing their partnership to develop a system of smart sensors and alarms to increase safety in the homes of elderly and disabled citizens.

“We have had an excellent collaboration with our Icelandic partner and made contact with quite a few other Nordic startups through this competition. Without participating, we probably would have focused mainly on Danish partners”, says Nicolai Søndergaard Laugesen, director at Falck.

In addition to finding partners, Laugesen is quick to emphasise the opportunity for close dialogue with all five Nordic capital cities as one of the main reasons while Falck joined the competition.

“That particular aspect of Nordic cooperation was probably the most interesting, and gave us a possibility to access other markets than just the Danish. When the Nordic capitals cooperate on developing new solutions, you increase both the power of innovation in the Nordic region, as well as the companies’ possibilities when it comes to operating on a close to common Nordic marked”, he says.

Link to Nordic Innovation http://www.nordicinnovation.org/news/a-nordic-door-opener/